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Web interface for manipulating pdf files online in your browser. (Beta version)

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News: Sejda v2.0.0.M4 released!

We just released the new version of Sejda, this is what you’ll find the new sejda-console:

  • Attachments collection task to combine PDFs into a PDF portfolio
  • AddBackPages task that takes one or more pages form a PDF document and adds them to one or more PDF documents after each ‘n’ pages
  • Added many possible optimizations to the compress task, made it faster and a little less eager on memory
  • Added a –optimize parameter to the split and extract tasks making Sejda try to remove unused resources from the generated PDF documents, making them smaller

You can get it here

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An extendible and configurable PDF manipulation layer.

A ready to use java library to perform PDF document manipulation without having to deal with the low level API.

Sejda offers many "ready to go" manipulations implemented using SAMBox but it can be extended to use other implementations. More »

Command line shell interface available as a separate module, running on all platforms


Get the source code:

Using Maven:


<!-- sejda on bintray -->
<id>bintray sejda</id>

<!-- sejda core -->

<!-- icepdf for pdf to image-->

<!-- SAMBox for pdf manipulation-->

Quick example sample code (sejda-example module):



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