Sejda 2.9 is out!

We just released the new version 2.9 of Sejda where you can find many fixes and the new PDF scale task.

Sejda v2.7!

Hi, we released Sejda 2.7 where we fixed few bugs, mostly in acro forms handling, and we added a new watermark task to stamp PDF documents with a a watermark image, enjoy!
Get the latest sejda-console here.

v2.6 is out!

We just released Sejda v2.6 where we fixed an improved annotations and acroforms handling in merge and other tasks. You can download it here.

Version 2.5.2 is out

We just released the new version 2.5.2 where you can find the new PDF N-up task to rearrange pages to be able to print multiple pages per paper sheet and some fix related to font handling.

Sejda 2.5.1

Available for download the new 2.5.1 release of Sejda. Take a look here to find what has been included.

Sejda 2.2.7 is out

We released bundles for Sejda 2.2.7. In the past weeks we committed a number of fixes, few new features or tasks and many optimizations to both Sejda and SAMBox.
Enjoy the new version!

And finally Sejda 2.0.0.RELEASE

we have been using Sejda 2.x in PDFsam and for quite a while now, it processed tons of PDF files and everything seems pretty smooth, so we decided it’s stable enough to release the first stable version for the Sejda 2.
We still need to upgrade the documentation so use the command sejda-console -h to see the list of supported tasks.

new 2.0.0.M14

We just released the new 2.0.0.M14 where we added support for pages rotation to the CombineReorder task. Crop now handles correctly rotated pages. Optimize task is less eager on memory. Upgraded SAMBox where few corner cases bugs were fixed.

Sejda 2.0.0.M11

We just released the new milestone 11 where we brought in all the PDFBox 2.0.0 changes, we fixed few bugs and we sped up the Optimize task a little.

A new shiny release, Sejda 2.0.0.M8 out!

We fixed the links right margin in the ToC generation for merge task, improved attachments collection to accept any kind of file and not just PDFs, upgraded SAMBox with few fixes, fixed the SetHeaderFooter tasks that now handles rotated pages correctly and finally improved the merge task with a flag to add the filename as a page footer in the resulting merged document.
Here the release